Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Matt Curtis Experience #3

Former Mustang great Matt Curtis gives us his 3rd installment of his experiences playing pro basketball in Germany for TV Werne. 

Hello All,

As I sit here, in my pre-game lobby, about to do some COD work online (waiting on Christmas for the new one) my mind wanders to all those stuck in London right now. Oh how many times I have prayed for a snow day to rescue me from an exam I wasn’t ready for, or a paper that I wrote that was the equivalent of a gr.7 book report. And that prayer has been answered for 3 straight days now for all of you. INSANELY LUCKY. You all better be out enjoying the snow, tackle football, tobogganing or towing tubes being an SUV (you know who you are) whatever it is you choose to do, go enjoy the snow. It’s one of very few times you get to act like a child and its acceptable.

As for me, I am doing well. Basketball is going alright, we won our last game by 3, putting us at 5-5 and in 7th of 13 teams. Our league is very strange though, any team can beat anyone, much like the OUA West....except for that one year we went 13-1 and were unstoppable in the OUA West; but I digress. Team chemistry is a little bit of an issue, as guys have problems coming to practice regularly and injuries have hurt us a little as well. But all in all, the club is extremely satisfied as their goal this year was to stay in the league. And this is all but assured with our record thus far.

I have travelled to a few Christmas markets around town, in Dortmund and Koln (Cologne). They are pretty neat, with all kinds of vendors and street meat galore, Bratwurst, currywurst and all kinds of wurst. There is also this stuff called gluhwine, which is hot red wine...sounds kinda strange but in fact is very delicious. Well at least 4 mugs in it tasted delicious....

Christmas plans are unsettled as of yet. Tickets home during the holidays are expensive and since the club does not supply the ticket, it makes me think twice. I know, what kind of son would I be not to see my mother over Christmas. Buuuuuut my mom also taught me the importance of saving money, so its a double edged sword. Nonetheless, I will be doing something fun for the holidays, just unsure as to what at this point.

I remember how much I welcomed the Christmas break, more specifically my body welcomed it. I find that not to be a problem 4 months into my pro career. The strenuous 3 days of practice and one game a week just doesn’t have the same affect on your legs as the combination of BCs practices / Alumni’s floor does. That being said, I do get frustrated with things at times. Mentalities are different, most of which non-defensive, and coming from the exact opposite situation for 5 years is a hard and exasperating (i used the thesaurus) adjustment to make. But all in all things are still going really well and I am still enjoying the experience thoroughly.

And am also enjoying Dexter and can’t wait for the season finale next weekend. ALSO, refrain from facebooking/tweeting about results of the show because that is not cool. HBO isn’t offered in Germany, and I must watch it online, so don’t be a spoiler. Enjoy your snow and have a safe a happy holiday season.

glücklich schaufeln (google translate it hahaha )


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